a drink too many + a kiss

I liked it when you cradled me

And when we took that 5th, 6th, 7th shot.

I felt unassailable in your arms;

My lips fit onto yours like a long missed puzzle piece

Just for that curtailed period of time.

Your stubbly chin lacerated mine and

Your hands: sweeping across my back,

Down my legs, holding my face-

So surprisingly gentle.

My face, tinged pink with elation; desire.

It all felt so easy.

But so wrong.

And the toxic drink deafened me from the warning cry.


I didn’t like the pounding in my head the next morning

Or telling you it didn’t mean anything,

Hoping you didn’t feel anything either.

God, I hope you don’t.

Facing our friends and pretending everything is normal

But it’s not.

It isn’t.

Now my face is burning red; embarrassment, shame.

And I’ll never live it down,

Especially not in the eyes of my best friend, your ex.

Soon to be my ex.

What have I done?


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