Modern-day Gladiator

She awakes again from a fractured sleep,
One plagued with the sensations of victory and failure,
And unwillingly rises with the morning sun.

Mundane routine is blurred out
As her focus begins to home in.
Complexion, cat’s milk cream,
Hands shaking as if age had taken her over already.
The micro speakers blare her anthems
And do their job of silencing the world.

She does not heed the enemy;
Their foreign tongues and eyes
Blue and brown –
They are but mythical figures,
Napoleon reincarnates.

The girl’s name is called.
Clammy palms.
Heavy heart.
Time stops.

The constant thrum thrum thrum of
Her body’s machine is heard on
Neptune’s Triton.

Time resumes as her trusty legs
Voyage her forward.
Eyes narrow like a cat.
Lungs fill like balloons.
And so it begins.


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