Ode to Childhood

A gentle Spring breeze caresses my rosy face
Flushed with natural radiance and delight.
The black roses are still red, still bright.
Their eau de parfum is soft as lace.

The cuts on my skin are but innocent grazes
And when I fall I can easily get back up.
My clothes are loose; I am fat like a pup
But comfortable, not caring for other’s gazes.

The ice-cream on my tongue is sweet, cold,
Though it carries the promise of Summer yet.
When the glowing sun begins to set
The night sky is still warm, still pink and gold.

I am greeted by a mother with only eyes for me
Her arms envelope me like we’ll never meet again
She whispers like a secret: “my child, carpe diem”.
Finally I am just in dreams that ebb and flow like the sea.

Youth, like Spring, can offer eternal joy
But Youth, like Spring, time will one day destroy.


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