A Problem Shared Is Not Always Halved

I’m not so sure it’s favourable,
For either of us, actually,
That I shed some of this weight
From my shoulders and my back –
The dense, heavy boulders,
As well as the slippery rocks –
And load them atop your carriage
To share with me my heaviest burdens.
After all,
You have your own boulders to carry,
Your own rocks and stones to hold.
“A problem shared is a problem halved”
Is not true if the case is that
I am left light and free
And you are left twice as heavy as me.
It’s best that I continue as I am,
Be my own Atlas
Holding the weight of my own world,
And you journey on, my friend,
Never looking back
Even if my dense, heavy boulders
And slippery rocks
Bury me alive;
It’s best you just bear your own load.


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