Time To Fly The Nest

You and I are sat
On a giant white plane,
A dreamy bird that seems to
Fill the entire expanse of the sky.
You look across at me
With love and content,
But also with fear;
You are afraid of flying
And want to hold my hand.
I roll my eyes
But dutifully take yours in mine
And clasp it tight as though
It were a precious gem.

All of a sudden,
We are no longer sat
Your plane is going one way
Whilst my plane another.
I also abruptly notice that
I’ve been left to fly my own plane
And the cabin pressure is rising
And the floor has fallen away,
Landed in a blazing heap below.

There will surely be turbulence
Completely out of my control
And I will struggle
Without you,
Struggle like never before.
This heavenly highway is
A one way road;
Once I’ve flown away,
There is no going back.

I will one day become accustomed
To navigating through cloudy storms
And sitting alone,
But I’ll still find myself
Looking across,
Searching the never ending sky,
For just a trace of you
Because the truth is Mum,
I want to hold your hand too.


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