I find it so tragic that
She can’t even begin to see your worth,
Whilst you believe
She hangs the moon.

Thank You Note

How funny it is to think that
You –
    with your own life,
    with your own hopes,
    and with your own dreams –
Have taken even a minute out of your day
To peer into the fogged window
That I have built into my brain.
And for your company,
No matter how brief,
I am forever grateful.

Take 2

It’s funny how easy and simple it is,
To fall back in rhythm, back into all this
Like whatever we were never even stopped,
Like I had done by you right and you had never been dropped.
Is it nostalgia I feel? Or something else?
Just as I was finally at home with myself
In you come with those deep green eyes
And spin me your affections; is it all lies?
Perhaps I shouldn’t give you hopes and ideas
Until I know what this is, until it’s all clear
But I can’t help but think what it was like at the start
And I can’t help but notice my poor, fluttering heart.


Two heads means two faces
Where I thought there was but one.

All those times you had
A comforting arm on my shoulder,
Was the other snaked around my throat?

Oh, how foolish of me to trust you
With the porcelain insides of my mind.

I deeply apologise for making you think that
You had a season ticket to walk all over me.
It’s time I had a dose of something healthier.

I won’t threaten your spotlight anymore;
It’s time to get my own.

A Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with food:


Some days I’ll wake up

And feel confident

In my body

So I’ll eat what I want.


Some days I’ll wake up

And feel fat

And hopeless

So I’ll eat everything in sight.


Some days I’ll wake up

And feel fat

And miserable

So I won’t eat anything at all.


I suppose this isn’t really a love-hate relationship with food,

But a love-hate relationship with myself.

Why Rape Jokes Are Never Funny

When a Rapist
A Rape Joke
He hears the laughter
As a sign of encouragement
And support

When a Rape Victim
A Rape Joke
They hear the laughter
As a sign that no one will ever
Take them seriously

A Young Girl Is Asked “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”. She Replies “An Astronaut”.

How can you expect me to believe in myself, and aim for the stars, if no one will provide me the rocket?

“Build your own damn rocket”

But a rocket needs fuel, and that’s far more difficult to learn how to make than the adventure vessel itself.

“So buy some”

There’s no way I can buy my own fuel; the sellers do not seem to accept hopes and dreams as a form of currency.

“Then ask for a loan”

Some help you mean? I did ask for help. I’m always asking for help. I guess no one has heard the message yet.

“Shout it a bit louder”

People don’t like to listen when you shout. And just one voice shouting isn’t loud enough. I need everyone shouting with me, peacefully fighting so that I can get to where I need to go.

So that I, too, can reach for the stars.